FEBRUARY 3 - 5, 2020

Cargo Facts EMEA is pleased to announce the four innovative startups that were selected to participate in our DEMOvation Challenge and provide live demos at the event. These startups have been hand selected by our editorial team at Cargo Facts.

The winning startup will receive an advertising package on The package, valued at up to $10,000, includes a comprehensive digital marketing campaign for your company over a two month period.



AllRead MLT Principal.png

AllRead MLT provides a machine learning based software to spot and digitize serial numbers, licence plates, container IDs and bar codes in logistics and cargo operations.  Processing photos and videos, the software finds the valuable information in any place and angle in the image,  resisting to dust, blurr, stains, or movement and reaches the highest accuracy with a rapid learning curve. Through its agile and frictionless implementation, using fixed or mobile cameras, AllRead MLT streamlines and simplifies data extraction processes reducing repetitive manual tasks or replacing non-accurate and capital expensive technologies.

CARGOMETER develops fully-automatic systems for freight dimensioning without disrupting established intralogistic processes. The company’s main innovations consist of “on-the-fly“ metering and weighing on the forklift truck while it is moving and the location of the measurements: the loading gates of the transshipment terminal where each pallet needs to pass through. With this method, CARGOMETER guarantees that the intralogistic processes remain unaffected and that cargo space will be billed correctly.


CARGOMETER’s powerful software processes individual low-resolution images collected by an inexpensive 3D image sensor, creating a high-resolution 3D model for every measurement run:

  • Dimension-in-Motion records the dimensions (length, width and height) and volume of each package up to a speed of 10 km/h

  • Weigh-in-Motion uses forklift scales to weigh the freight during travel

  • Scan-in-motion replaces manual scanning of two-dimensional barcodes (e.g. QR codes) with fully-automatic recognition


Emu Analytics is a passionate group of people who have come together to create exceptional software to help our clients harness the power of location data. We believe that everyone should be able to easily work with location data, regardless of their technical expertise and use it to answer the most pressing challenges facing industries and communities today.

From electric vehicle charger rollouts to flood monitoring, from airport logistics to social care our software is being used to support cutting edge, data-led decision making across multiple sectors and our team are experts at working with our clients to get the best results for their business.


Stargo revolutionizes the process of generating the optimal quotes for every segment of the freight chain for door to door shipments.  With our advanced AI-driven technology, in just seconds Stargo, generates the five most favourable options for every component of any shipment – based on route, price, carrier availability and more.


This works in favour of both freight forwarders and carriers - the forwarder can produce dynamically calculated proposals that take into account every aspect of the price and route.


Carriers benefit from Stargo by giving their customers online access to a quoting portal in real-time and automate their RFQ process and shorten the quote response time.


In short Stargo will help carriers digitize their business and improve productivity.


Synfioo provides a Real-time Supply Chain Visibility Platform that not only makes intermodal transport processes transparent and disruptions visible but also puts supply chain managers back in control.

We help our users to build a more efficient, smoother and networked supply chain by monitoring intermodal, global transport processes in real time, making the entire supply chain more transparent and communicative and providing all parties involved with all action-oriented and targeted information at the right time. Thanks to early disruption reports and our holistic ETA calculation, all necessary changes in transport and production planning can be made at an early stage.


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